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Recuperative Poetics: Writing Practices in Cultural Sustainability

Wednesday, 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM: GWZ 2 5.16
Spring Term 2010
Christian Hawkey

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This writing workshop is linked with the reading seminar Recuperative Poetics: Theories of Cultural Sustainability, + it will explore the practice of recuperative poetics. We will learn to use various writing + investigatory (action-based) procedures, such as sustained looking practices, note taking for field books, audio recording + transcription, archive investigation, + site-specific research. The goal will be to use such creative + critical practices to develop our own recuperative project, one that focuses on recovering a specific aspect of culture that has been repressed, unrepresented, or simply lost to the passage of time. We will engage in walks, site-specific explorations, expeditions, + archive research. Be ready to step out of the classroom + into a more flexible, open, + versatile way of looking at poetic writing, at the past, + at how we can, out of that past, construct a more diverse + desired world.

This is a pre-enrollment process. You can sign-up for the course below and will receive the 'enrolled' status to confirm your pre-registration. Admission to the (limite) seats in the course will take place after Christian Hawkey's arrival in Germany in the week of April 26.

The first session is on 28. April.


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